Do you feel confident in working with your pre & postnatal clients? 


Safe Return to Exercise will teach you how to safely & effectively work with your mum clientele.

We will fill in the gaps your previous certifications left out, change the way you work with mums forever and position you as the go-to trainer for mums in your area.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it was very informative and a great eye-opener.  Jen did a fantastic job of getting the information across" - Dayna Spiller, NZ

Did you know?

  • Women make up 80% of those living with incontinence?

  • Half of all women that have had a baby experience prolapse

  • Postpartum is forever??

Inside Safe Return to Exercise we deep dive and get hands ON learning how to safely and effectively work with your mum-clients, move past the overwhelm and confusion of wondering if you are really doing the right thing or not.


All of the techniques and philosophies within Safe Return to Exercise are those that allowed me to personally coach hundreds of women through their pregnancy and postpartum journey's (and way beyond) alongside running my successful, six-figure, mum-focused fitness business for TEN years.

Safe Return to Exercise has supported over 2000 Personal Trainers, Coaches, Group Fitness, Pilates & Yoga instructors, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists and even midwives to become confident in the way they support & work with their pre and postnatal, mum-clients.

And if you want to become a specialist in this field Safe Return to Exercise is the first step in your journey to become THE go-to Pre & Postnatal Exercise Professional in your area, create valuable partnerships with other health and medical professionals AND gain the respect you deserve from them in the process.

Once you have completed your certification you will:

  • STOP being confused about what you should and shouldn't be doing with your pregnant and postnatal clients
  • Take the first and most important step to¬†become THE go-to trainer in your area/gym for mums
  • Have the CONFIDENCE to¬†legitimately call yourself a pre and postnatal certified trainer
  • Get¬†organic referrals and GROW your business¬†because it's clear you know your stuff¬†
  • STOP hoping you are doing the right thing
  • BE the mum-focused Exercise Professional your clients RAVE about¬†and others HAVE to work with
  • Become TRUSTED and recommended by other health and medical professionals
  • Have FUN and choose who you want to work with within your Fitness Business
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It's always better when you hear it from someone else.....

Garth Ainsworth

"Safe Return to Exercise is an invaluable course for anyone working with mums or mums-to-be. Jen is super passionate about educating FitPro's with the tools & resources to confidently & effectively support & empower mums safely back into exercise. I would encourage all fitness professionals to do this course, you won't regret it I promise. I loved it!"

Flick Ryan

"The course thoroughly covers all you need to know as a fitness professional to safely train your mum clients with a toolbox of information - from training a mum during her pregnancy to working alongside a Pelvic Health Physio to carefully & gently return her to her full potential"

Your pre & postnatal certification covers

Module ONE

  • Understanding the Safe Return to Exercise philosophy
  • Statistics¬†
  • Why 'one size fits all'¬†doesn't work

Module TWO

  • Body image¬†& the importance of the language
  • Mental health and PND
  • Pregnancy Loss

Module THREE

  • Finding and forming a relationship with a Pelvic Health Physio
  • The role of your PHP, what they do
  • Working in collaboration

Module FOUR

  • Working with clients during pregnancy
  • Anatomical & physiological¬†changes.
  • How to¬†guide & adapt exercise during pregnancy
  • Key factors to monitor

Module FIVE

  • Pelvic Floor anatomy and function
  • Impact of pregnancy & birth
  • Language & how to talk to clients
  • Practical;¬†how to teach & check in with pelvic floor¬†within your scope of practice

Module SIX

  • Abdominal wall anatomy
  • How to check for abdominal separation using more than one strategy
  • Understanding depth,¬† control & function
  • Practical;¬†how¬†to activate & teach¬†TA

Module SEVEN

  • Pelvic Pain; Pubic Symphysis & Sciatica¬†
  • Wrist Pain
  • Knee Pain

Module EIGHT

  • Effective & Progressive Programming
  • Checking¬†suitability of programming; Progressions &¬†adaptations

Module NINE

  • Specific pre-exercise screening
  • Referral to Pelvic Health Physio & how to apply information provided
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Safe Return to Exercise is focused on being THE foundation for YOU to be the very BEST trainer you can be for your mum-clients.

With your enrolment into your Safe Return to Exercise Certification you will receive:

‚úÖ Two full day or three half day sessions‚Ä®- choose from LIVE or HYBRID

‚úÖ Hard copy of your comprehensive course manual‚Ä®

‚úÖ Access to your online learning platform

‚úÖ Digital certificate & logo to tell the word you are certified in working with pre & postnatal women‚Ä®

‚úÖ Access to our private facebook group for further support

‚úÖ 13 CEC's AUSactive, PDP's

‚úÖ Your invitation to apply to become a MumSafe‚ĄĘÔłŹ Trainer


Meet your team - Jen Dugard 


Founder of the¬†MumSafe‚ĄĘÔłŹ brand, creator of Safe Return to Exercise‚ĄĘÔłŹ and author of How to Love your Body as much as your Baby.

With over 17yrs industry experience Jen's ultimate mission is to ensure all mums are looked after safely & effectively within the fitness industry. Having sold her group fitness business in 2018 Jen educates, presents & mentor across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Taiwan.
Serving both mums and fitness professionals alike; Jen ensures exercise professionals are properly educated and up-skilled in working with their pre & postnatal clients whilst simultaneously educating mums themselves and connecting them with these trainers via the website
MumSafe currently has 100+ Exercise Professionals located throughout Australia, New Zealand and growing into Singapore and the UK.
Jen enjoys giving back to the industry through her role on the board of AUSactive.


Christie Houghton - Master Trainer



Christie has a background in teaching and holds a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Teaching, with 20 years experience behind her before opting for a career change and retraining as a Personal Trainer.

She saw a gap in the way women were looked after in the fitness industry and founded Active Soul in 2010, offering a holistic approach to women's health, fitness and wellbeing.

Christie completed her Safe Return to Exercise certification in 2017, which automatically shifted the way she trained Mums. She has additional pregnancy and post natal qualifications through Burrell Education and female specific qualifications through Nardia Norman and Dr Stacy Simms.

Christie is passionate about women's health, fitness and wellbeing and strives to inspire, educate and empower women to thrive through all stages and has been awarded 'NZ group trainer of the year' in 2019 and 2020.


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Safe Return to Exercise is for you if..

  • You are dedicated to continuing to up-skill especially during a time like this.
  • You want to become THE go-to person in your area KNOWN for working with mums.
  • You are an¬†Exercise Professional working with WOMEN - in 2016 mums made up 77% of women aged 15+
  • You are an Exercise Professional¬†currently working with mums but don't hold an actual¬†certification (often times you might not even know you need a specific qualification - you do)
  • You are newly qualified and know you want to work with mums within your Fitness Business
  • You are already working with mums within your established fitness business but want to refine your practices and processes
  • You work within a big box gym running group training sessions and you want to understand how to individually look after the women who attend your classes
  • You work one on one with clients and want to know where to start and how to work with them in the most effective way
  • You run group training sessions and you want to know how to properly screen and structure your training sessions to look after all of your mums to the best of your ability
  • You have female clients with older children - once postnatal, always postnatal

Safe Return to Exercise is NOT for you if..

  • You don't want to train your female clients once they enter motherhood
  • You think that working with mums is a quick fix to fill your 9.30am time slot through just ticking a box of accreditation
  • You are not open to continuous learning and commitment to a growth mindset within your fitness business
  • You think you have learned it all from previous courses
  • You expect to know everything straight away - our time together will give you an amazing foundation for your continued learning but the real work starts when you begin to implement your learnings
  • You are not open to partnerships with other health, fitness and medial professionals to best support your mum-clients
Safe Return to Exercise IS for me! Book me in!

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Final 2024 start dates

AUGUST/SEPT weekday cohort

Held across three mid-week sessions.

Wednesday 21st & 28th August + 4th Sept
9:45am - 2:45pm AEST

**HYBRID participants start with one of these cohorts & complete a fully online version from the recordings of the virtual course.

November weekend cohort

Held across one full weekend.

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd Nov
10am - 5.30pm AEDT

**HYBRID participants start with one of these cohorts & complete a fully online version from the recordings of the virtual course.

Choose the best payment option for you 

Full Payment Option


One-off payment

  • LIVE or HYBRID sessions
  • Course manual delivered
  • Online learning platform
  • Digital badge & certificate
  • Private community
  • Invite to become a MumSafe Trainer

Three Part Payment


3x Monthly payments

  • LIVE or HYBRID sessions
  • Course manual delivered
  • Online learning platform
  • Digital badge & certificate
  • Private community
  • Invite to become a MumSafe Trainer

Five Part Payment


5x Monthly payments

  • LIVE or HYBRID sessions
  • Course manual delivered
  • Online learning platform
  • Digital badge & certificate
  • Private community
  • Invite to become a MumSafe Trainer

Early Bird Pricing

There is special earlybird pricing on our  courses when booked three weeks out from your course start date

Use the code SREEARLYBIRD to get 10% of your course when booking within this timeframe

All of our courses have a MAXIMUM number of spots available to ensure your best possible learning experience.

When you book our face to face virtual course you must turn up LIVE on each date to pass your Safe Return to Exercise certification.

Although we highly recommend you join us live for each session you can now ASK us about our new HYBRID course options for those on alternate timezones or who are unable to attend live at all.¬†Email [email protected]¬†

If you are a big box gym, franchise or have a community of trainers please reach out to us for information¬†on our private and bespoke course experience.¬† Email [email protected]¬†***minimum numbers apply.

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Before this course I would never have known so much about Women's Health in general. After this course I am keen to gain more knowledge on Women's Health and pass on this knowledge to the many young women I work with a teach. - Thai Bi Yu

I now know that every woman that has had a baby is postnatal.  I feel I am more equipped to look after myself and share my knowledge with my clients so that more people are aware of the special attention that postnatal mums need & not to rush the process. - Yee Chin Wei, Ivy

Safe Return to Exercise has been a fantastic learning and growth experience. I really expanded and cemented my learning around safely training pre and postnatal women. I think this sort of training should form part of every trainers education. It is extremely unlikely that in our work as a PT we are never going to work with a woman and or a postnatal woman. - Carissa Harrison

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