Return your postpartum clients to running safely & effectively

It's HARD and confusing to know when it is the right time to help your postpartum clients returning to running!


You now have mums-fitness specialist, Jen Dugard & physiotherapist, Madison Cutmore on your team! Let them help you to become CONFIDENT so that you can pass on that confidence to your mum-clients.

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Upgrade your expertise and stand out from the crowd by becoming the go-to specialist for postpartum mums with our Safe Return to Exercise - Running Edition Certification.

This program covers everything you need to know about supporting postpartum clients, from understanding the anatomy of the female pelvis to the impact of pregnancy and childbirth.

You'll learn key considerations for guiding postpartum mums through a safe and successful return to running. Build your confidence and support your mum-clients to re-build theirs too.

We will help you to:

  • Remove the confusion around what you should and shouldn't be doing when returning your postpartum clients to running
  • STOP hoping you are doing the right thing
  • Have the CONFIDENCE to guide your clients forward & build your knowledge to a higher level
  • Add to your credibility in becoming THE go-to trainer in your area/gym for mums
  • BE the mum-focused Fitness Professional that your clients RAVE about and others HAVE to work with
  • Get organic referrals and GROW your business because it's clear you know your stuff
  • Become TRUSTED and recommended by other health and medical professionals
  • Have FUN and choose who you want to work with within your Fitness Business
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Your improved knowledge will include:

  • Anatomy affected in pregnancy, birth and running
  • The importance of working with a Women's or Pelvic Health Physio in retuning your postnatal clients to running
  • Specific return to running considerations including: healing times, pelvic floor, hormones, breastfeeding, c-section, sleep, breathing, weight, psychological status & abdominal separation
  • Signs & symptoms to be aware of
  • How to screen your client for return to running readiness
  • Specific return to running testing
  • Return to running-specific strength training exercise library
  • Notes on technique, cadence, rotation & arm swing, heel strike, hip and pelvis control
  • Red-S
  • Common musculoskeletal injuries
  • Rest & recovery
  • PLUS your 12 week return to running specific  program
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Meet your team  

Jen Dugard

I am the founder of the MumSafe brand, creator of Fitness Professional education Safe Return to Exercise and author of the book How to Love your Body as much as your Baby.

I have over 15 years of experience within the Fitness Industry in a range of roles from Personal Trainer, Outdoor Group Fitness business owner, mentor, educator and presenter.

My personal mission is to raise the standard of the fitness industry through education and collaboration and has been executing this for many years within the pre and postnatal space. Positioning myself as a specialist both in working with women and training the trainers that work with women, I am a huge advocate of strengthening relationships between the fitness industry, allied health and medical industry.

I share my knowledge and experience by regularly presenting at key industry conferences including FILEX, Australia, ExPro in Singapore and FITEx in New Zealand. I am a regular writer and sit on the board of Fitness Australia.

Madison Cutmore -  Physiotherapist

As a female physiotherapist, you often find yourself treating more and more women. This was definitely the case for me throughout my early career, where I worked servicing women in remote communities in outback QLD, then in inner city Melbourne focussing on returning women to pilates, Crossfit and running postnatally. What I found, though, is the more I treated women, the more I wanted to understand their bodies better!

This led me to take a role at The Running Room where I used the latest technology to treat female runners to help keep them running throughout their lifespan. It also led me to complete advanced training in female pelvic health, focussing on incontinence, exercise in pregnancy, pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse.

I am currently putting this training into action every day in the clinic! You can find me at The Physiotherapy Clinic in Cammeray and Bondi Junction, where day to day I treat a whole range of conditions that affect women. You can also find me online @physiomads.

I am passionate about helping women return to running, or to any form of exercise safely. I believe all women can exercise safely with the right team behind them and I want you to feel confident in helping your postpartum women. We are stronger together and together we can focus on prevention (not cure) to help improve health outcomes for all women.

Safe Return to Exercise - Running Edition IS for me! Book me in!